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Welding Repairs 

The wear and tear on plant hire equipment becomes a major issue when it becomes a breakdown, resulting in lost time and money. We offer a unique, mobile call-out service specifically aimed at helping your company ensure that it's equipment is always in service, with as little down-time involved as possible.


Our job is to keep you working!

Your equipment will be repaired within three working days of collection or delivery if accompanied by written confirmation or order number.

Your item will be repaired to the exact specification you dictate, with the same quality materials and workmanship of a newly purchased item, at a fraction of the cost.

Our Happy Customers

"Our stock levels of useable tipping skips has drastically increased, making our sites operate more smoothly whilst our purchases of new skips has significantly decreased resulting in considerable cost savings, not to mention freeing up an awful lot of my working day as Simon now takes care of everything.”

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