I.B.C. Mobile Water Station

Getting water to your tradesmen in different areas of your site without damaging your receptacle and then siting it close to where it is needed off the ground to be able to access the water can be difficult to say the least, and very unsafe. More often than not it is
balanced on top of some pallets causing a serious Health and Safety Hazard.
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Long-Lasting, Safe and Stable I.B.C

Fabrication & Welding Services designed and built the I.B.C WATER STATION after constantly seeing the Health and Safety issues mentioned above carried out on site, as well seeing many I.B.C.s in the rubbish pile or tipped over on their side, spilling their liquid onto the roads.
The I.B.C. is enclosed in a protective steel cage ensuring longevity of the container and giving a safe and stable platform from which water can be dispensed. Bright colouring and bold labelling add to
its visual presence. The I.B.C is set to a specific height and fitted with a directional spout, as well as a handy removeable hook for holding a bucket or similar to enable water transfer. If the I.B.C was to become damaged by accident, it can be easily removed  and replaced with a new one. Two or Four-way fork entry is available to allow for its safe positioning where it is needed.
Image by Toa Heftiba

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