EX-360 Road Scraper Blade

This Innovative NEW Attachment for your machine will enable access roads to be spotlessly cleaned without damaging your Grading Bucket (Cutting Edge Wear) or the Road Surface. The attachment fits to your machine hydraulic hitch and is fitted with a centrally
mounted knuckle joint allowing vertical movement on either side, thus shaping itself to the Camber of the road it is cleaning.

The Tool for Many Jobs

A Toughened Rubber Blade is fitted to the attachment and it is this section which sweeps up the debris on the road damage free. The Rubber Edge is double-sided so when the lower edge becomes too worn, it can just be turned around and its upper edge used.
Any Camber can be pre-set on Fabrication and the Knuckle joint is fitted with a grease nipple to ensure longevity of the joint. The attachment can also be used to Seal the ground whether it be a spoil heap or an area needs to be perfectly flat and level. If you use a Rotator Quick Hitch, its uses become even more limitless like making embankments or ponds. A full Spare Parts inventory and Replacement Rubber Blade fitment service is available, as well as Hitch alterations to your new machine specifications if replaced.
Image by Toa Heftiba

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