Tipping Skip Maintenance

Tipping Skips are the life blood of any busy construction site for the safe transportation of waste and one of the largest purchase costs for your company. Regular inspection, ongoing maintenance and management of Tipping Skips has been a major part of our company profile for over 20 years, and carried out correctly, will save you a considerable amount of expenditure in costly renewals.
Fabrication & Welding Services offer a service where if your own insurance company send out an engineer to carry out an inspection, the report is forwarded onto ourselves. We then arrange collection from site of the damaged skip(s) and carry out the recommended repairs. As most inspections are only a visual one, we also carry out our own in-house inspection once your skip is back at our workshop, primarily on the locking and tipping mechanisms of the skip, to ensure these operate safely, plus any additional defects we find that need attention and were not picked up in the report.
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Your Skip is Safe in our Hands

We carry out all reported and additional repairs including collection and delivery to and from your site for a fixed maximum cost, mutually agreed by both parties that will not change for a minimum term of 12 months or longer, if needed, so you know exactly what your expenditure on a skip will be.
Colour coding and labelling is also available to identify skips to your relevant waste management scheme on site, and can be included in the fixed cost of the repair.
You can rest assure that when your skip is due its inspection and is in our hands, it will be one less problem for your site to worry about and will be repaired to the same standard of a new item but at a fraction of the cost.Tipping Skips come under LOLER 1998 & PUWER 1998 Regulations to ensure that the lifting equipment is fit for use. It is recommended that the item is given a thorough examination and inspection every six months, by a suitably qualified engineer.
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Is your Skip coming up to its Annual Repair Date?